our cleaning services

Our cleaning routine aims to leave no dust-bearing surface untouched. This includes skirting boards, door and window frames, behind moveable furniture, mirrors, pictures, curtain poles and lamp shades as well as ceiling lights, and of course, removal of cobwebs.

Once a fortnight or on each visit if less regular, moveable furniture including beds will be pulled out and swept / vacuumed underneath and furniture polished as requested.

In the kitchen extractor hoods are cleaned including underneath. Cooker top cleaned. Cupboard fronts washed. All surfaces, tiles, appliances, ledges and shelves cleaned. Bins emptied, sinks cleaned, and floors washed.

In the bathroom white furniture will be cleaned (both inner and outer surfaces), taps and shower doors cleaned, tiles washed and dryed.

Hard floors are swept/vacuumed and washed. Rugs lifted and vacuumed underneath. Chairs are vacuumed, including under seating cushions, and rubbish baskets emptied. Areas surrounding door handles and light switches are cleaned and paint work spot wiped where necessary.

On request, ovens will be cleaned, interior windows cleaned, and cupboards interiors cleaned.

Cleaning Programmes

The amount of time required to clean a home depends on its size and quantity of items on display. Please bear in mind, the first two visits are the most difficult for us while we become familiar with the layout and cleaning requirements of your home.

Visits can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We can also accommodate one off appointments or those booked on an occasional basis.

Suggested cleaning programmes
A complete clean of all rooms when adequate time is provided.
Cleaning of some rooms i.e. kitchen, bathrooms, cloakrooms and main living areas, with other rooms cleaned in rotation on each visit.